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Mr MacNeill P7 


Welcome to Primary 7.
We are a class of 18 who are entering our last year at Sacred Heart and plan on making it one to remember.
We have lots of events going on this year. We will be starting the Mock Court programe in November, starting to fundraise for our residential which will take place later in the school year and will be participating in a variety of sporting and authority wide events over the course of the school year.



In maths this term, we will be covering several exciting areas. We have enjoyed estimating measurements and went to the promenade to measure out a kilometre which was a lot further than we expected. We have been learning about scale and designed our own perfect classroom. As we move closer to Christmas we will explore statistics and data handling and use ICT to represent various types of data. We are also going to use technologies to measure time as accurately as possible. 


We are beginning our mock court project as of November. This project will see the P7 class take on a variety of roles that would be found in a court case. The children will be in charge of writing writs and creating documents which will be used in a court case. The project will allow the class to put their writing, reading, talking and listening skills into real life situations. 

Health and Wellbeing

We have been engaging in a variety of sporting events over the term. So far we have enjoyed success in Badminton, Athletics and Cycling. We are also participating in a Basketball competition at the end of November. 


We will be giving the bidding prayers and readings at our monthly mass. 

Mock Court

The P7 class have been working on a Mock Court Project which involved preparing for a court case between a family and their insurance company due to a teenage party in their home. The family home is destroyed by party goers and the family must prove that they were not responsible for the damages in order to collect a rather substantial pay out on their home insurance.

The children were all assigned roles, these roles included; Lawyers, insurance reps, witnesses, artists, gown makers and journalists. One team preparing evidence to support the family in their claim and the other team preparing evidence to support the insurance companies arguments for not paying out on the insurance claim.

We were very fortunate to have a Lawyer come down to visit the children to ensure that they were well prepared for their day in court. On the 21st of January we attended Ayr Sherriff court to have our cases heard. The children explored the court and gained a first-hand experience of a court case.


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