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During this lockdown period P6/7 will be exploring some new concepts in maths, these concepts will be heavily linked to developing existing skills. We will be looking at finding the area of a 2D shape and also finding the volume of cubes and cuboids. This will engage the children’s problem solving skills and also develop their multiplication, addition and subtraction skills. In addition, we will start to explore angles and finding unknown angles, again, this will develop our problem solving skills.

We will be focussing on poetry writing through our Talk4Writing program. The children have so far explore similes and metaphors. We will continue to focus on imagery and how to convey our ideas to the reader through poems. Through the Sumdog App we will focus on common and high frequency spelling words. Our class novel is ‘Divided City’ which explores several themes including; love, rivalry, violence, tension and human struggle.
Health and Wellbeing

There has been a huge emphasis this term on exploring who we are as individuals and thinking about our place in the world. P6/7 will continue this theme throughout the term by considering the things that make us who we are, what makes us happy and where we see ourselves in the future.

This term we have the challenge of completing the Pope Francis Faith Award. This is heavily linked to the health and well-being topics as we explore love, community and selflessness.


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