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Mr MacNeill P7 


Welcome to Primary 7.
We are a class of 18 who are entering our last year at Sacred Heart and plan on making it one to remember.
We have lots of events going on this year. We will be starting the Mock Court programe in November, starting to fundraise for our residential which will take place later in the school year and will be participating in a variety of sporting and authority wide events over the course of the school year.


Term 1

Our year has started quickly. We are beginning the year with a topic on the Scottish Government, Law and Order in preparation for Mock Court.

In Health and Wellbeing we work with our P.E. specialist Mr Crookston and explore a variety of issues that impact our wellbeing. We have already been visited by the NSPCC to explore relationships with our peers. 

We will be giving the bidding prayers and readings at our monthly mass.

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