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Primary 6/7

Welcome to the P6/7 page, we hope you like finding out more about us and our place in the school community.  We are a composite class and enjoy taking on the role of senior pupils throughout the school. Primary 7 act as buddies for Primary 1, this means we are always on hand to support them around the school and simply be their friends.

Have a look at our photos from the Christmas Fun Day! Click the link below;
Christmas Fun Day 2017


The whole class enjoy going into P1 and P2 to help them with their reading.  Sharing our reading experiences with the younger pupils is always fun and we like to encourage them to read more and talk about their favourite books.  We are also playground leaders and each day groups of us support the younger pupils through games and reminding them of playground rules.


Each week is busy for us and we love that.  We’re very lucky to have three music specialists that teach us different areas of music.  Mr Welsh teaches us percussion on a Wednesday, Mrs Coleman is our singing teacher who has also taught us the beginning stages of the ukulele and Mr Miller teaches some of us the chanter.  As we progress through these different areas of music, we enjoy sharing our musical talents during school assemblies and concerts throughout the year.


Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing are our core subjects in class and we always try to work our very best to achieve our targets and challenge ourselves to do more.  We particularly enjoy Big Maths Mental Activities and trying out lots of different Number Talk Strategies across all areas of our numeracy work.  Getting outdoors and being active with our mathematical work is always fun and encourages us to use our outdoor space to our advantage.  


Literacy is always good when we share our interests by listening to each other and talking about our learning.  We love to share class novels and also have independent reading time that reflects our personal interests. 


We use our Health and Wellbeing time to promote self-confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes.  For many of us, our favourite part of good health and wellbeing is actually being physically fit and we’re fortunate to have a school PE Specialist to help us with this.  Mr Crookston is in each Thursday and he delivers exciting lessons that help us to become more passionate about our fitness and to learn new skills.  Lots of us have taken part in many sporting competitions this year and have done really well.


Our big project at the start of this session was our participation in the Mock Court Trials.  This involved learning about the Court system, the roles of people who work in courts and us taking on those roles to solve a case.  It was so exciting to play the parts of solicitors, journalists, court artists and witnesses, to name a few.  We accessed all areas of the Curriculum when working on the projects and all our interests and talents were on show.  We took part in a mock trial at Ayr Sheriff Court.  We were delighted to be the Ayrshire Winners for the Defenders and the Ayrshire Runner-ups for the Pursuers.  Now we have been invited to attend an awards Ceremony taking place in Edinburgh, this March.  All our teamwork paid off!


We have a very busy year ahead with lots of secondary transitional opportunities for both P6 and P7. Our next event is the Burn Assembly in January where we will sing, recite poems and entertain and audience of pupils, parents and invited guests.  A few days after that we will continue our Burns work, by hosting a Supper for parents and more guests.  We have many talents and we will continue to share them in our lovely school and our local community.

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