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Mrs Hull & P4/5


On Mondays, we will practise our Active Spelling strategies in class.  Tuesday and Thursday are our Talk For Writing sessions - this is our new focus strategy that will help advance both our story-writing and writing construction skills. During these lessons, we will continue to improve the grammar of our sentences using our developing knowledge of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs whilst using talk and pictures to structure our written stories. On Wednesdays, we have Reading and Reading Comprehension of our Reading Books. On Fridays, pupils will have a weekly Spelling assessment.


We will continue to improve our mental strategies in maths and show our understanding of number through Number Talks. Big Maths rotations will improve our time tables using our Learn-Its in class and practising at home. We will continue to develop Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication skills using larger numbers and examine links of division with multiplication. We will focus on our standard written notation of all calculations used, which will help us show our mathematical learning. Every Friday, pupils will complete a Big Maths Beat That assessment.

Health and Wellbeing

PE Days: Tuesday and Thursday.  P4/5 learners will work with our PE Specialist, Mr Crookston, with a focus on the Health and Wellbeing aspects of physical wellbeing, healthy eating and SHANARRI indicators.

Learning Accross the Curriculum

This term we will be learning at about the Romans and their legacy on Society both Past and Present for our Topic. We will also be taking part in science investigations and develop our ICT skills.  Across all subjects, by using our Bloom’s Taxonomy, we will continue to focus on developing our Higher Order Thinking skills of creating, evaluating and analysing.

Home Learning

All home learning will be given out on a Monday and handed in on Friday, please check this has been completed and sign with any comments for the teacher if required. Homework grids will be issued with spelling words for home practice to support our class learning.  All pupils will begin the term with revision of P3/4 stage words & commonly-misspelled words before progressing to P4/5 vocabulary. Homework may also include Big Maths Learn-Its, Maths Focus Work or Topic/Research Work for independent learning. Homework may also be ICT-based using recommended websites which can support learning while developing learners’ ICT skills.

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