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Primary 4/5 & Miss Goodwin

Welcome to P4/5. We are a lively bunch of 25 pupils, made up of 13 girls and 12 boys.


Our class novel for term 1 is Charlotte’s Web. We loved learning about life on the farm and how all the animals help each other out. Charlotte’s Web taught us a lot about friendship and how we are all unique. We learned how to write a profile on our favourite character and to discuss our knowledge of vocabulary, punctuation, connectives and openers. We are continuing to use Talk for Writing to increase our imagination and being able to recreate a story whilst using techniques used by the writer. Furthermore, we are exploring non-fiction texts to support our learning within our topic of Ancient Egypt. We are being encouraged to read as often as possible at school and at home. Lastly, we have our group reading books which we read in class and answer comprehension questions on to show our understanding of the text.


We have started the year focusing on rounding, estimation and number lines, these areas link well together and give us an understanding of how the various areas within numeracy fit together. We have been ordering numbers on a number line, rounding two digit, three digit and four digit numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands. We have been practicing the skill of estimating and using our knowledge of number to help us have an educated guess at estimation questions. Finally, we have been continuing to use number talks at the beginning or end of every numeracy lesson, we work on our number talk strategies and how we can work out the answer to a question in various different ways. We also get to complete chilli challenges, this is when we choose questions or work which we feel we will be able to complete independently whilst still giving us a challenge.


Our health and wellbeing topic for term 1 is looking after ourselves and knowing who to speak to if we need help. We will explore how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, how much exercise we should be doing, healthy snacks to have, body hygiene and who to speak to if we are worried about something. We will continue to keep a growth mind-set, and working hard and overcoming barriers in all curricular areas.


Our first topic in term 1 is Ancient Egypt and we are so excited at all the art activities that we will get to do around this topic. We have been learning about the lifestyle people lived, the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt and also all about the mummification process…yuckkk! This topic allows us to compare our lives to the lives of people then and how things have changed.


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