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Miss Ewing and P3

Welcome to Primary 3. We are an enthusiastic and energetic class who enjoy learning through a range of active activities. Our class is made up of 25 pupils, 12 boys and 13 girls. We all enjoy working as part of a team and regularly take part in group activities. One of our motto's in our classroom is - team work makes the dream work! 



It has been a busy term for Primary 3. At the beginning of term we read The Twits as a whole class novel. We loved learning about the gruesome pair and now have a range of super adjective we can use to describe them. Each week we are looking at a different sound for our spelling words both in class and at home for homework. We enjoy active spelling as it allows us to use fun games and strategies to help us learn our words. We are also looking at Bloom's Buttons in our reading which gives us opportunities to talk about our books and immerse ourselves in the wonderful stories we are reading. 

Primary 3 love drama! We have been using drama within our Talk for Writing and have used drama techniques such as freeze frames to consider how a character might feel at different parts of the story. We love doing our vocal warm up "Boom Chicka Boom" and get very excited! 


In numeracy, P3 has already covered symmetry and shape. We loved doing a symmetry hunt around the class with our mirrors to discover which objects and patterns were symmetrical. We enjoy a challenge and also completed a shape scavenger hunt using clues about the faces, edges and corners of 3D shapes. We are now moving on to place value and have been using a strategy called partitioning to break down larger numbers into hundreds, tens and units to help us add them together.  We enjoy using the Chilli Challenge for our Number Talks and discussing the strategies we used. 

Health and Wellbeing

Within Health and Wellbeing, P3 will be working with Mr Crookston every Wednesday to discover how we can keep our bodies fit and healthy. We loved making healthy smoothies with different piece of fruit. 


This term our topic is The Rainforest. P3 have enjoyed learning about the four layers within the rainforest and which animals you may find. We have been looking at different types of amphibians, reptiles, mammal and birds. We are now looking at different tribes in the rainforest and comparing how they live to our lives in Scotland. 

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