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Primary 3/4 & Miss Ewing 

Welcome to P3/4! We are an energetic and bubbly class that is made up of 12 boys and 12 girls.




At the beginning of term we studied The BFG as our class novel and loved hearing all about the giants and their crazy world! We learned all about visualisation and developed our knowledge of adjectives, similes and metaphors which help create a vivid picture in our heads. We are continuing with Talk for Writing and using our imagination to recreate journey and warning tales. We will also be looking at non-fiction texts as we move on to our new topic of The Deep Blue Sea. Our main focus for this year is reading and we are encouraged to read whenever we can at home! We will also be doing comprehension tasks based on our class reading books to help us understand texts.


We have started the year looking at shape, pattern and symmetry as they all go hand in hand and it gives us a better understanding of how numeracy topics can link well together. We are exploring 3D shapes and their properties, tiling of 2D shapes and creating symmetrical images. We are also exploring our number talks strategies and will be completing daily chilli challenges where we can answer questions in a range of ways to help develop our understanding of number.

Health and Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing topic for term 1 is friendship and we will be learning all about how to be good friends. We will explore the topic of bullying and how we can ensure that this does not happen in our school. We are also going to keep our growth mind-sets and we will ensure we are staying positive and try our best in everything we do!

When we got told our topic will be The Deep Blue Sea we were so excited! There is so much to learn and we can’t wait to explore the oceans of the world looking at the different sea life. We are also going to learn all about pollution and how to keep our oceans free from plastic. This will lead nicely onto recycling and how to use our recycling bins properl


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