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Mrs Currie 
Primary 1 & 2

Welcome to primary 1 and 2. We are a fun filled class with six primary ones and eighteen primary twos.
We have had an amazing start to the new term and have loved welcoming our P1s to the class. As a class we enjoy regular singing together (we start everyday with a song), active learning and having fun while we work. Together we have created our class charter to ensure that we meet the rights of all children within our class, so that we can learn and play happily together. 

Come back and visit our page regulalry as we will keep you updated with pictures and information about what we are doing in our class. 

P1/2 are all ready for another busy term, with lots of fun learning opportunities lined up. We are all excited to start using our new reward charts that we have got, as part of the new school behaviour policy. Once we have filled it up with stickers we will get a prize from a special box and points for our house team.


We have lots to learn in maths this term. First of all we are going to start with subtraction. Primary one will be taking away within 10 and primary two will be using two digit numbers. Then we will all move on to learn about symmetry. Before we finish for Easter, we will also learn about how to measure the weight of items. We will continue to use Number Talks daily to help us develop mental maths strategies and join in with Big Maths activities throughout the week. On a Friday we will complete our Big Maths Beat That challenge.


During literacy primary one and two will both continue to learn new sounds and explore new common words each week. We will also continue to use Talk for Writing to help us develop skills in writing,  listening and talking. We are very good at using actions and pictures to help us retell our stories. During January we will be learning Scots Poems and exploring Scots language.


In R.E we will be exploring the ways in which we are all special, what makes us unique and the talents that we hold. We will attend church for first Friday mass and for special occasions. 

Health and Wellbeing

Each week we recieve Health and Wellbeing and P.E with Mr Crookston. This term we are starting to learn about gymnastics with Mrs Currie and Mr Crookston. We have started by practising different rolls and balances, then moving on to explore a variety of rolls.


We have had a visitor arrive in our class, Oscar the bear. He is going to help us learn about countries all over the world. The first country that Oscar visited was Scotland. He is helping us to learn about Scotland in the past and present. We wonder where he will go next? Whilst learning
about these countries we will complete art, technologies and musical activities. 


In Primary 1 and 2 we will be learning three langagues. All children in the class learn Gaelic with Mrs McCallum each week and in class we will be learning French and Makaton. Makaton is something that we are already very good at, why don't you ask us to show you what signs we already know. 

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