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Primary 2/3 and Miss Ewing 


Welcome to P2/3! We are a thoughtful and polite class made up of 7 girls and 13 boys! We enjoy being creative and love being outdoors! We know to respect others and enjoy having opportunities to play and build new friendships in our class.


We have continued with our Talk for Writing during our online learning and have been practicing “How to Trap a Dragon”. We have participated in a range of fun and engaging lessons such as imperative verbs and awesome adjectives to help improve our writing and build up to write our very own set of instructions! The pupil’s have been excellent following the Talk for Writing sequence at home. This term we will also be looking at Diary writing and will be starting our new story “Journey through the Jungle”. We are also continuing to use bug club for our reading at home and using the skills we have learned in reciprocal reading to carry out comprehension tasks. P2/3 continue to practice their spelling sounds and words every week and recognise that practise makes better! We are loving the new Sumdog spelling activities!


In numeracy we have been learning all about time. We have been looking at both analogue and digital clocks and are getting more confident every day! We have been experimenting with worksheets on forms at home and practising our time on Education City. We are also participating in live number talks sessions to practise using a range of strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This has given us opportunities to discuss our thinking and become more confident in carrying out calculations! We will also cover estimating and rounding this term and participate in a range of activities on our online platforms.

Health and Wellbeing

Every Wednesday we participate in Wellbeing Wednesday and have looked at the theme “Staying Connected”. It is so important we stay connected with our family, friends and our teachers during this time and we have been looking at different ways we can do this. We have check in sessions with Miss Ewing twice a week where we can have a chat about our learning and see our friends and this helps us stay connected with everyone and share our thoughts and feelings. P2/3 have also participated in Mr Crookston’s P.E and BMT challenges each week and both Mr Crookston and Miss Ewing are so impressed with the boys and girls efforts! Every week we are learning about a new article in Rights Respecting Schools and becoming more aware of how our rights are continuing to be met while we are learning at home.

Religious Education

We have been learning all about creation and the story of Adam and Eve. We recognise the importance in following what God has asked us to do and understand that there are times where we can be tempted to do wrong but must remember the values of God. We explored the story of The Good Samaritan and understand that to go to heaven we must love our neighbour. Our class are kind and caring and show love and respect to everyone.

Outdoor Learning

We have been learning about baptism and the story of John the Baptist. We recognise why he is important and the importance of baptism as a rite to admission into Christianity. We will be continuing to learn about the stories of the bible this term and understand why this sacred book is very important to us.


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