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Mrs Currie 
Primary 1 & 2

Welcome to primary 1 and 2. We are a fun filled class with six primary ones and eighteen primary twos.
We have had an amazing start to the new term and have loved welcoming our P1s to the class. As a class we enjoy regular singing together (we start everyday with a song), active learning and having fun while we work. Together we have created our class charter to ensure that we meet the rights of all children within our class, so that we can learn and play happily together. 

Come back and visit our page regulalry as we will keep you updated with pictures and information about what we are doing in our class. 


August to December is going to be a very busy time for us, as we will be learning lots of new things. During maths time Primary 1 will be learning all about 2D shapes, patterns and numbers to 10 (maybe even 20). Primary 2 will also be exploring 2D shapes, complex patterns and numbers to 100. All children will be participating in Big Maths activities each week with our Beat That challenges on a Friday. 


We are starting a brand new way to write stories, called Talk for Writing. This has a big focus on talking about stories, mapping them out and creating our own peices of work using what we have learnt to help us. We are already enjoying what we have done of this and look forward to implementing it more in our learning. Primary 1 will be learning sounds that are in the alphabet and beginning to learn some simple common words. Primary 2 will be moving on to learn more complex sounds and common words. We will all take part in reading activities throughout the week and show and tell on a Friday.


In R.E we will be exploring the ways in which we are all special, what makes us unique and the talents that we hold. We will attend church for first Friday mass and for special occasions. 

Health and Wellbeing

Each week we recieve Health and Wellbeing and P.E with Mr Crookston, where we are learning how to look after ourselves to stay healthy and fit. 


Our topic for this term is going to be Minibeasts. We voted as a class and this was the winner. Within our topic we are going to investigate the different features of insects and arachnids, where we would find them and how different insects do things like make webs and change appearance. It already seems like a fun topic with lots of interestic facts for us to learn.


In Primary 1 and 2 we will be learning three langagues. All children in the class learn Gaelic with Mrs McCallum each week and in class we will be learning French and Makaton. Makaton is something that we are already very good at, why don't you ask us to show you what signs we already know. 

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