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Miss Price
Primary 2

Welcome to Room 2.

There are 25 children in primary 2 and we all work extremely hard. In our class we have 12 boys and 13 girls and Miss Price is our teacher. We are a lovely, caring and enthusiastic class. We try our best to look after each other and be kind. We enjoy earning points individually on our Class Dojo and love working together to earn lots of house tickets! We learn lots of new things every day and enjoy active activities and working together in our groups. We are looking forward to sharing all of the wonderful things that we do in the class with you!

All About Our Learning


Primary 2 use BugClub for both phonics and reading. This online programme allows children to access their reading books at home using their own username and password. Children learn a new sound each week as well as learning a selection of common words on a weekly basis. Primary 2 also participate in a programme called Word Aware on a daily basis which increases children's vocabularly and understanding of words.


Primary 2 use a variety of resources for Numeracy and enjoy learning through practical and active games and activities. Primary 2 participate in Number Talks on a daily basis which allows us to develop new mental strategies which we share together as a class.

Primary 2 use Sumdog within the class to play a variety of numeracy games. These activities allow children to further practise their mental maths skills. All children have their own unique username and password which can also be accessed at home for homework activities.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 2 are soon to begin their own block of swimming lessons at the Quay Zone. Mr Crookston delivers PE lessons to primary 2 on Thursdays.


This term primary 2 are beginning their new Dinosaurs topic. We will be researching different types of dinosaurs and finding information about each species. We will be working together to build and create our own dinosaur, as well as reading a variety of dinosaur themed books.


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