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Primary 1/2 and Miss Price 

Primary 1/2 is made up of 22 boys and girls. We are working very hard in our new classroom and are settling well into our new school life. In class we love playing and learning together. Please keep up to date with what we are doing in class by checking our website page and our Twitter posts. 


This term, primary 1/2 will be working hard to learn 2 sounds a week through our BugClub phonics programme. Currently each week we are taking part in two live lessons each week at home where we work on these new sounds. We explore our sounds through play based activities and will have a strong focus on letter recognition and formation. For writing in class, primary 1/2 will be participating in our Talk for Writing programme. Within this, children will explore different stories using actions and over a 3 week block will develop their own adapted stories. Primary 1/2 will be following our BugClub reading scheme within literacy and each week will be allocated a new story to share with you at home. Currently during our remote learning time, we have been exploring the story of the Little Red Hen. Each week during remote learning, we will be focusing on reading our common words each week through lots of play based activities. 


Primary 1/2 are going to be very busy in maths this term, beginning with subtraction work and time. Through lots of play based activities, we will be learning how to tell the time using both o'clock and half past. Primary 1/2 have also been busy during remote learning exploring the concept of subtraction and through lots of concrete material activities, we have been exploring subtracting from 20. Each week during remote learning, we will participate in a short Number Talks live sessions where children will be encouraged to share their mental strategies and problem solving skills. 


Primary 1/2 will be learning all about the story of Zaccheus this month and will be reflecting on the importance of forgiveness and will consider things they have said sorry for in the past. 

Health and Wellbeing

During remote learning, each Wednesday primary 1/2 are participating in Wellbeing Wednesday and have recently been exploring the theme of "Staying Connected". For this theme, we have considered the importance of staying in touch with people during these difficult times and have reflected on different ways in which we can connect with those around us. Each week, Primary 1/2 reflect on their own thoughts and feelings and particularly during Mental Health Week we have reflected on what makes us feel good and the ways we can express ourselves. Primary 1/2 participate in weekly challenges from Mr Crookston involving BMT and PE tasks. 


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