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Miss Price and Primary 1 
Welcome to Primary 1! We are a fun, hard working class who are settling very well into our new school. Our class is made up of 25 children. In our class there are 17 boys and 8 girls. In our class we love to work together through play and active learning opportunities and we are having lots of fun getting to know the other children in our school. Each week we enjoy spending time with our Primary 6 and 7 buddies who are helping us settle into our new school.

Primary 1 love their new reward system in school and try their best to earn stickers for super work and effort. 

Please have a look at our class gallery to see the fun things we have been doing in school.  

This term, Primary 1 are very busy learning lots of new things. We are working very hard to learn all of our sounds and each day we practice using our sounds to read and write. Each week Primary 1 learn new common words which we practice lots both in class and at home for homework. We love using BugClub in Primary 1 to help us learn our new words and sounds. This term we will continue to learn and retell stories through our "Talk for Writing". 


In numeracy, Primary 1 are focusing on addition and subtraction. We enjoy using lots of convrete materials to practise our addition and subtraction and enjoy playing different games. Primary 1 practice numbers in lots of different ways and enjoy counting songs to help us learn our numbers. This term we are also going to be learning all about and exploring money, looking at coins up to £2. Primary 1 will also begin to explore information handling. 


In R.E, P1 will continue to explore a variety of stories from the bible. Primary 1 will attend mass on the first Friday of the month along with the rest of the school. 

Health and Wellbeing

For Health and Wellbeing, Primary 1 work with Mr Crookston every Wednesday morning where they will be learning how to look after their bodies and how to keep themselves fit and healthy. Primary 1 will also do PE on a Friday with Miss Price. This term we are focusing on athletics. 


This term, primary 1 are very busy preparing for their learning assembly which is all about the farm. Primary 1 have enjoyed exploring life on the farm and even got a visit from a local farmer. As we progress through the term, primary 1 will have the opportunity to select their new topic.


In Primary 1 we will be learning two different langagues. We will be learning French and Makaton. Makaton is a signing language and every week we practise a new sign. 

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