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Parent Council Members

Careen Rennie (C)

Sarah Mensdorf (VC)

Gail McMaster (Treasurer)

Claire McCrorie (Secretary)

Committee Members: Heather Smith, Sharon Dorans, Linda McMaster, Lisa Rossi, Stacey Martin, Claire Keeneny


Parent Council’s are the formal representative body for parents with children attending school. Parent Councils are different in each school to enable them to meet the needs of parents locally. Parents are welcomed to be:


•        Involved with their child’s education and learning

•        Be active participants in the life of the school

•        Express their views on school education generally and work in partnership with their children’s schools.


All parents / carers are automatically members of the Parent Forum at their child’s school. As a member of the Parent Forum all parents can expect to:


•        Receive information about the school and its activities

•        Hear about what partnership with parents means in our school

•        Be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit you

•        Identify issues you want the parent council, to work on with the school

•        Be asked your opinion by the parent council on issues relating to the school and the education it provides

•        Work in partnership with staff

•        Enjoy taking part in the life of the school in whatever way possible


The Parent Forum decides how their representatives on the Parent Council are chosen and how the Parent Council operates.   Parents are encouraged to volunteer or put themselves forward to be chosen as representatives of the Parent Council if they wish.


The main aims of the Parent Council are to:


•        Support the school in its work with pupils

•        Represent the views of parents

•        Promote  contact  between  the  school,  parents,  pupils,  providers  of  nursery education and the community

•        Report to the Parent Forum

•        Be involved in the appointment of senior promoted staff

•        Raise funds for the school for the benefit of pupils

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Thursday 1st February
Parent Council Disney Danceathon - 3pm in Church Hall

Friday 9th March
Parent Council Family & Friends Quiz Night - 6.30pm in Church Hall

Monday 5th February
Parent Council Meeting 
6.00pm -8.00pm 

Sacred Heart Primary School

17 Henrietta Street


KA26 9AW


01465 716809

Sacred Heart Primary School