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The captains and vice-captains have the responsibility of leading each House Team. Teams meet up regularly and allow pupils to voice their ideas about the school. This can include what they like about each aspects of school life and any suggestions they may have for improvements. All pupils in the school enjoy being part of a team and working together to achieve success.


This year all children are taking part in electives as a reward for their hard work and dedication within class. Please have a look at the electives we are completing this term and have a look on our general gallery for photos of our electives in action. 

Survival Skills

In our survival elective, children will be placed into a survival situation eac week with the goal of ensuring the survial of every member of our group. Over the course of the elective, we will learn a variety of skills that will keep us safe. We will explore what we need as humans to survive in a variety of situations. We will look at how to make shelters to keep us warm and dry from severe weather, how to make a fire to cook food and how to navigate when we are lost. 


Within our Makaton elective we are trying to learn about Makaton through a variety of fun activities. Children are enjoying using Makaton on a daily basis in class and throughout the school. We hope that children will be able to use what we have learnt to communicate with people out side of school.

Future Cities 

Within our future cities elective, children are exploring the isuses we face on planet earth. Using STEM approaches, children will design their very own future city. In this elective, children will use a variety of technology to build their city as well as using our very own 3D printer to print small models. 

World Festivals 

Miss Ewing will be looking at festivals from around the world. Pupils will be learning about a range of cultures and important celebrations that they have. World Festivals will involve listening to music, trying different cuisines and creating artwork inspired by the colourful and exciting events from all over the globe.

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