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Welcome from the Head Teacher

A huge welcome back from all the school to session 2018/19. I hope you have all enjoyed the fantastic weather we had over the course of the summer break and looking forward to either coming back to school or starting school for our Primary 1 pupils. I would like to welcome Ms Ewing and Mrs Hull to the school. They will be teaching P3 and P4/5 respectively and I wish them every success over this academic year.
I would also like to congratulate and welcome a new management team within the school. Mrs McCallum was successfully appointed Depute Head Teacher. Mrs Currie and Mrs McKinney have been appointed as Principal Teachers for this academic session. I wish them all the very best of luck in their new roles.

It has come to light that there have been a few issues around uniform and that concerns have been made regarding the design of the school Logo, the designer of the Logo and the process that was implemented for this. I would like to bring a few points to light that on reflection should have been sent out formally at the end of the school session. To be clear, this was not a decision, choice or request dictated from the school staff or myself, this was a decision made by the pupils of the school. The process started in the final term of session 2016-2017 and went as follows:
  • Summer 2016-17 – Pupil Council discuss amendments to school uniform colours, logo and choices.
  • Pupils opted to design a logo and the best 4 were selected.
  • September 2017 – HT looked to have each of the 4 designs digitalised and utilised a friend who coincidently was voted as Scotland Designer of the year 2018. This decision was made to save the school a significant sum of money in paying for this service. My friend was not paid for this work and managed to do this as a favour for the school. No nepotism was involved or payment made.
  • October 2017 – Pupil Council met with HT to select a Logo. It was decided that pupil council reps would go around the school, ask each child to vote within their classes and the majority would rule.
  • Decision was made and a new Logo was selected.
  • The new logo was on display at Parents Night in October for parents to comment on or select to purchase new uniform.
  • To be clear, we had an option to keep the original logo, but the children made this decision.
  • Pupil Council members from P4-7 met with a representative from Be School Wear who discussed the process of changing Logo and the options available for uniform. This can be found on the school twitter account. It came to light that nearly £1000 of uniform was already in Stock. Therefore the parent orders of uniform from the parent’s night couldn’t be met yet.
  • Pupils met with HT after this having discussed with their classes what options they wanted to go with.
  • It was agreed that the new Logo be used on all letter heads immediately within the school.
  • HT met with Be School Wear and a decision was made that the original SH Logo be used for the remainder of the Academic Session of 2017-18 so that stock could be run down. HT enquired into purchasing all stock but felt this was unaffordable.
  • March 2018 – Confirmation from Be School Wear that the new design specification can be used provided it was all in yellow. This was agreed by HT.
Since this time and particularly over the last fortnight I have personally been into the Be School Wear store in Ayr on numerous occasions and spoken to the manager. This information was not shared with staff in store and therefore incorrect information was given to parents. I have been assured that the old stock will not be sold and new stock will readily be made available. However, if you are struggling to obtain this uniform, please do not be concerned about your child’s appearance if they are wearing old uniform. This process was to take around 3 years to be fully embedded so that everyone could make full use of their existing uniforms. If you have purchased stock with the old Logo, the store will allow you to return or exchange this.

To prevent history repeating itself and ensure we have learned a lesson from this, I would like to explain the full process of developing our Vision, Aims and Values that has been going on over the past year. All stakeholders were involved in this and given the opportunity to contribute to this process. We have had parent and pupil council meetings, open evening events, opportunities at Parents Evenings and partners could contribute in similar manners.Over the last six week Mrs McCallum and I have been processing this vast quantity of data in order to present an options list of vision statements, aims and potential values of the school. This process has taken time to ensure we get it right as it will be in place for the next three to five years. Option lists will be sent home to all pupils in the school for families to vote, pupils will vote in school, all staff will vote and any agency coming in will also vote. These results will be collated, we will unveil the results and these will be in place for returning after the September weekend. This is vitally important to ensure the direction of the school meets the needs of the community aspirations for each child.

The difference between this process and the uniform is clear. The uniform was a request and decision from the pupils in how they look within the school. They wear the uniform and therefore were given control of this. The vision, aims and values is a systems process that impact all stakeholders within the school, hence the more rigorous process.
I look forward to welcoming you all back from the summer break. If anyone would like to discuss this further, please contact the school and an appointment will be made to meet a member of the management team.
Many thanks


It is a pleasure to introduce you to Sacred Heart Primary School.

As Head Teacher, I am very proud of our school, its staff and its pupils. The spiritual, moral, emotional and social well-being of every child is a priority. We are small but mighty!

When I speak to parents and students, I am reminded that both want a school that has the highest expectations of learning and discipline, and one where students are happy and safe. Sacred Heart fulfils these wishes as a strong learning community founded on the Gospel Values of Hope, Charity, Justice and Peace in which every individual is valued and students are able to achieve their full potential, academically, spiritually and socially.

As you look through our website you will get an insight into the quality of care and education you can expect for your child and I am confident that you will see that my opening comments are not just words but are at the heart of what we are and do. We have strong partnerships with the Church and the local community.

Our school is a happy, hard-working and positive community and welcomes all children of all faiths and of no faith. If you would like to visit our school and to see for yourself then please do not hesitate to contact our school reception on 01465 716809 who will be pleased to help you.



Mark Ingram
Head Teacher

Sacred Heart Primary School

17 Henrietta Street


KA26 9AW


01465 716809


Sacred Heart Primary School